Can Wellness Programs Lower Health Premiums?

In the midst of Health Care Reform, employers are finding that rising health care premiums are significantly impacting their businesses and their profitability. Not only are employers feeling the effects of rising costs, but employees are as well. While Health Care Reform is often blamed for these rising costs, there might be something even bigger in play that most employers have not even addressed or considered: the aggregate decline in health of their employees.Our business environment drastically changed from being an economic leader in manufacturing and production to an economy that operates mostly on information. Due to technological advances, most employees can work directly from their computer rather than moving around to complete tasks.It is no surprise that workers are becoming less healthy and more overweight when a job can be completed from a computer over the internet. This may not be the only factor in play, but is certainly a large contributor to the increasingly unhealthy employee population and the rise in health premiums. According to the Thomson Reuters Workforce Wellness Index – which measures body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and tobacco – the Wellness index declined 2 percent from 86.4 to 84.4 from 2005 to 2009. In this instance, a score of 100 would mean that no health risks were in play.Employers are now forced to get creative in keeping up with the rising costs when sponsoring a group health plan. Some are changing plan structure altogether, including deductibles and specific coverage available just to keep up with the rising costs. Others may be implementing company-wide wellness programs to create a healthier pool of employees, with the chance that they may be able to lower health premiums if experience-rated. Wellness programs seem to be the likely solution to a growing problem. Incentive-based wellness programs are being implemented in businesses to create a healthy atmosphere, with the goal of reducing the costs of health care premiums and increasing employee productivity and overall wellbeing. Wellness programs can range from offering basic fitness and nutrition challenges to a full-blown wellness program with third party health assessments and designated health coaches.Listed below are a few examples of wellness activities:• Five Fruits and Vegetables Challenge• Fitness Challenges• Smoking Cessation Classes• Build a Community Garden• 3rd Party Health Risk Assessments• Offer Massage in the Workplace• Onsite Exercise Classes• Exercise Room• Onsite Biometric Screening• Offer “brown bag” seminars: diet & nutrition, fitness, stress management• Healthy Summer BBQ• Charity Runs/Walks – create a team to participateThere are many creative and fun ways to bring wellness into the workplace. Given the continual rise in health care costs due to unhealthy eating habits, our work environment and the resulting lack of exercise, company wellness initiatives seem to be the best possible solution to address rising costs, a solution employers cannot leave on the table.

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Internet Marketing Business – Understanding the Finer Points to Succeed

What Is Required In Internet marketing Business? Internet marketing tools are evidently the backbone of any business and they are the key factors that influence making or breaking of a business. No business can survive for long without attracting the potential customers. Unlike the olden times when meeting people personally was the only effective manner of promoting one’s products or services; however, internet marketing has made things simpler for the ones who know what they have to do. It has to be constantly remembered that thousands of people have chosen Internet marketing business as their Holy Grail; thus, the competition will be undoubtedly tough. So staying on top of things and knowing the finer points of internet business have become mandatory if you wish to taste the success. Listed below are assortment of entities that will be useful in making your internet marketing impressive.Check List for Successful Internet marketing Business
If you feel that convincing a customer directly is not your cup of tea, then you can use the affiliate marketing tools where bringing increased traffic to the particular websites is the main task. Develop the basic skills required for effective internet marketing; this includes and is not limited only with the below-mentioned factors:o High salesmanship by mastering the art of convincing at least 80% of those who read the promotional articles to contact you for further details is the most crucial skill.o Making an honest attempt to communicate the exact answers for the queries and being little tech-savvy in order to use the latest Internet marketing tools will be additional feather to your cap.o You must make prompt communication and friendly approach along with careful maneuver. You can always make sure to leave an underlying message for your customers indicating the benefits they will attain from dealing with your company.o Explore all the possible options for effective online-business tools such as informative blogs, non-intrusive e-mails, pay-per-click offers for advertising your websites, article marketing by employing professional writers for campaigning, and making the best use of the social media, namely, YouTube videos, discussion forums, podcasting, etc.o Realize that Internet marketing business is not just for you to handle solely but it can work more effectively with the right teams. Sharing the work of following up the customers among the team will make things work quicker.o Being innovative about Internet marketing approaches is the secret key to open the doors of success because most of the customers will be bored seeing the similar standard marketing tools thus they will be more attracted with anything distinct or new. However, make sure to stick by the Internet marketing business’ laws while trying anything new.